Traxion Group, Inc.

Traxion Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in Business Intelligence, Cost Management, Process Improvement and Project Management services that help our clients meet their most important business objectives. From Fortune 100 financial services firms to local distribution companies, Traxion has successfully executed projects spanning a host of industries by applying tools that are tailor-fit to meet each client’s needs. Traxion prides itself on tackling today’s most complex business problems by designing, developing and implementing practical and timely solutions that provide both immediate bottom-line impact and enduring value.

Developing Business Intelligence

Traxion helps our clients navigate through the wealth of information that is available in this age of Big Data, then taps into and exploits the underlying intelligence. Traxion collects, interprets and presents data in the most effective manner possible by building and leveraging data analytic tools such as real-time interactive dashboards and scorecards.

Creating Value Through Process Reengineering

In order for companies to change they need to understand the gap between current practices and desired results. Traxion offers the ability to map existing processes, design optimal end states and close the gap by implementing best practices.

Enhancing Profitability & Cost Management

All companies want to improve their bottom lines but in order to do so they must truly understand their cost base and drivers. Traxion helps clients model and allocate their costs more effectively so they can make informed business decisions that affect the bottom line positively.

Driving Project Management Across Key Initiatives

Companies want to take on new projects but their current resources are already stretched thin. Consultants at Traxion can help clients realize the benefits of these initiatives by leveraging proven project management skills, implementing rigorous and disciplined techniques and utilizing effective tracking tools.

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